Since 31 December 2019 and at 24 June 2020, 9 229 049 instances of COVID-19 (based on the applied case definitions and testing approaches in the affected countries) have been reported, including 477 269 deaths.
Cases have been reported :
Africa: 324 392 cases; the five nations reporting many instances are South Africa (106 108), Egypt (58 141), Nigeria (21 371), Ghana (14 568) and Algeria (12 076).
America: 4 610 824 cases; the five countries reporting most cases are United States (two 347 022), Brazil (1 145 906), Peru (260 810), Chile (250 767) and Mexico (191 410).
Europe: two 334 148 cases; the five countries reporting many cases are Russia (599 705), United Kingdom (306 210), Spain (246 752), Italy (238 833) and Germany (191 449).
Oceania: 9 022 instances; the five nations reporting most instances are Australia (seven 492), New Zealand (1 166), Guam (226), French Polynesia (60) and Northern Mariana Islands (30).
Additional: 696 cases are reported from an international conveyance in Japan.
Deaths have been reported :cannabis US and EU


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